Building a Better Athens Together

Athens is a great town, but it can be even better. Our government needs to work for us to identify common problems and implement common-sense solutions.

Together I believe we can:

Break the Cycle of Poverty

We all deserve safe neighborhoods; decent housing; adequate clothing; healthy food; affordable health care; and confidence that our children will be well educated and prepared for the future. [ read more ]

Drive Economic Growth for the Whole Community

Athens east side remains “a diamond in the rough”, according to one 2015 study; Lexington Road has more business potential than any other corridor into downtown. And yet development has languished for lack of a champion. [ read more ]

Develop Our Workforce Not Our Jails 

The most substantive investment government has made in East Athens is building the Clarke County Jail. When government works harder to criminalize people than to employ them, there’s a problem. [ read more ]

Improve the Quality of Life for District 1

We know what we need, but we need a commissioner who can stop ordering studies and start getting things done. Learn more about me or volunteer to assist with my campaign. I know we can build a better Athens together. Thank you for visiting.